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 Corvette Troy '50'th Anniversary Party !   Current & Formal members

  How to Win a New 2017 Corvette and support local charities

  NCCC Convention August 21-25 Bowling Green KY

  National Corvette Museum News


Upcoming Events for

Corvette Troy


CT 50th Anniversary June 24

Club Event June 25

Club Meeting June 26

Club Event July 16

Club Social July 22 (Pool Party)

Club Meeting July 24

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Thinking of joining

 a Corvette Club ?

   As a Corvette Troy member, you will enjoy

  + Competitive events every month

+ Club Social events every month

+ Many Parades every year         

+ A dedicated Charity program  that operates all year long.              

This can be a lot of fun with your 'Corvette' and your friends.

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Next club meeting is Monday June 26th 7:30 pm at Englewood
 Government Center, 333 W National Road, Englewood, Ohio 45322.
   You need not be member to attend or even own a Corvette.
After the meeting we gather at a local restaurant for conversations
on Corvette's and some recent, current and future club activities.
   Please come and join us if you can, guest are always welcome !


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