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January 28  Rallye     WINTER WONDERLAND  

Driver                             Navigator                      Place              Points  

Jill Wilson-Pfister             David Pfister                      1                    190 (won tiebreaker)

Charles Staley                    Kathleen Staley                2                    190

Dan Coughnour                 Ildiko Marcus                    3                   180

Dennis Drieling                  Andrew Drieling                 4                   170

Pam Bowen                        Shirley Lamka                  5                   150 (won tiebreaker)

Charlie Conway                 Linda Conway                   6                    150

Todd Shuman                    Linda Shuman                    7                    140

Dean Brookshire              Steve Gerbig                       8                     130

Tom Murph                               Doris Murph                               9                             100        

Thank you for a beautiful January Sunday Kenny & Janelle Flaharty also thank you to our workers Bill & Juanita Reynolds and Karen Weaver.

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February 18 Rallye       PRESIDENTS DAY RUN

1  Ken Flaharty                            Janelle Flaharty          

2.  Charles Staley                         Kathleen Staley          

3.  Jill Wilson-Phister                   Dave Phister   

4.      Todd Shuman                          Linda Shuman

5.     Jim Shepler                             Judy Roeder               

6.    Pam Bowen                             Nadine Myers

7.     Tom Murph                             Doris Murph               

8.     Larry Marvin                           Cathy Marvin             

9.     Dan Coughnour                       Guest     

   10  Randy Wantz                   Teresa Peters 

   11 Dennis Drieling                       Son


March 11 Rallye  Spring Forward Rallye

PLACE            DRIVER / NAVIGATOR                              POINTS         TIME

    1st                  Dennis Drieling & Josie Maple                    100                 1:19 *

    2nd                 Janelle & Kenny Flaharty                            100                 1:19

    3rd                 Tom & Barb Holmes                                     100                 1:27

    4th                 Dan Coughnour and Ildiko Marcus              100                 1:52

    5th                 Tom & Doris Murph                                       90                 1:22

    6th                 Becky & Sam Branson                                    80                 1:23 *

    7th                 Charlie & Linda Conway                                80                 1:23

    8th                 Pam Bowen and Shirley Lamka                      80                 1:24

    9th                 Todd Shuman and Linda Shuman                   80                 1:40

    10th               Dean Brookshire and Steve Gerbig                70                 1:21

            * Won Tie Breaker

Rallye Masters:  Charles & Kathleen Staley   Thank you all who ran the Rallye.  We hope you enjoyed the countryside, the  questions and our time together at Dos Lunas.   A Special Thanks goes to Bill & Juanita Reynolds for their time and efforts they put into making this Rallye a success.

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