President   Dean Brookshire
Executive V.P. Pam Bowen
V.P. Competition Janelle Flaharty
V.P. Membership Charles Staley
Secretary Shirley Lamka
Treasurer Teresa Peters
Governor Jerry Limpach
3rd  Year Trustee Chuck Siefke
2nd  Year Trustee Jim Shepler
1st  Year Trustee Will Taylor
Charity Director  Vicki Siefke
Social Director Janet Limpach
Editor Don McAlexander
Web Site  Kevin Clawson

To contact Executive Board member by email send request

 to webmaster@corvette-troy.com    Include 'Corvette Troy' in subject



 For view or printing, C-T handbook  ( .PDF format )

 C-T Handbook, 24 pages 

C-T Handbook Cover Page (1)