In Memory of Jay Lamka 


Jay Lamka, founding member of Corvette Troy, has passed away at age 63.  Jay lost his 18-month battle with cancer on Feb 8th ,2006 

 A lifelong resident of Troy, Jay had retired from Hobart Ground Power after 42 years.  

Jay’s love of cars led to his involvement with Corvettes and ultimately to the establishment of the club.  He was a many time officer of the club and an officer in the National Council of Corvette Clubs.  He served as editor of Blue Bars magazine from 1972 to 1984. 

 Jay had a great love of drag racing and drag raced himself for many years.  He attended the US National Drag Races in Indianapolis for 39 straight years.

  He also had a great love of music and was a DJ for 47 years.  He owned thousands of records, albums, tapes, CDs and finally MP3.  He played for many Corvette Troy parties, weddings, and at local bars. 

  He passed away listening to the Grammy Awards show that he loved.  We have lost a great friend. 



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