2013 Charity Prize Winner

Ticket # 0189,  Nettie from Florida, 

the sister of CT-member Chuck S

2013-raffle-winner-1.JPG (1122538 bytes)   2013-raffle-winner-2.JPG (776796 bytes)   2013-raffle-winner-3.JPG (1173478 bytes)

They purchased Two new cars from Bud's, Impala & a Truck 


  Charity Donations made from 2013 Event

Spina Bifida                             $10,000

Spina Bifida Christmas party  $1,800

Needy Basket                            $1,500

The Giving Tree                          $500

F.I.S.H. Miami County               $500


Thanks to Budís Chevrolet Ė our sponsor.   We are pleased that Budís Chevrolet in St. Marys works with us to provide new Corvettes at a competitive price delivered on time, every time!


 Thanks to Corvette Troy members.  Charity committee members spend significant time to ensure a continuing successful and professionally managed event.  The entire club supports this activity to benefit the local community.


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