November 2002  Drawing

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Blue Z06 

Grey Coupe

500 Tickets ready!

checktwo.jpg (27961 bytes) decorated hall.jpg (29900 bytes) flag.jpg (33513 bytes)
Check Presentation  Hall Ready to Begin  Flag - USA
unveiling.jpg (21590 bytes) reynoldsclan.jpg (22457 bytes) our sponsor.jpg (18304 bytes)
Sharon Taking it 'OFF' Reynolds & Reynolds Clan Our Club Sponsor
p1010001.jpg (24790 bytes) p1010003.jpg (24608 bytes) p1010005.jpg (19517 bytes)
50/50 Central Door Prize Central Hey , can you read it ?
JBsGlamourshot.jpg (17395 bytes) p1010011.jpg (11318 bytes) p1010006.jpg (18712 bytes)
JB's Glamour Shot Our 'Prez'  Glamour Shot Joan & Gerry

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