Spina Bifida Christmas Party for 2008


    On Sunday December 7, Corvette Troy once again hosted the yearly Christmas party for the Miami Valley Spina Bifida Organization families and friends.  The party was well attended with 48 children and families.

    The attendees were greeted by cheery CT members serving piping hot pizza, chips, pretzels, cookies, brownies and cupcakes with plenty of soft drinks. After lunch, the crowd was entertained by “Stan the Magic Man” and his complete bag of tricks.

   Following that came the jolly old elf , Santa (Jack) Claus.  Santa met with each child individually for a short “naughty or nice” conversation and presented each with a present. The kids were all ecstatic that they had received exactly what they had wanted.

   Credit that to his helpers Emily Schaper, Nancy McAlexander, Janet Limpach and Sharon Knick who did the shopping with a list from mom and dad.  Thanks to Sharon Knick who organized the event again this year and many thanks to the CT members who gave up their day to help set-up, serve food and clean-up: Ray and Karen Jackson and their granddaughter Shelby, Tom and Sharon Knick, Jerry and Janet Limpach, Jon Mann, Don and Nancy McAlexander, Mike Richardson, Judy Roeder, Jim Shepler, Ken and Emily Schaper and Tom and Sharma Witt.





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